Intermoda Kartha Silver Metal Card

Card benefits for companies:

* Contributes to the digitalization process of companies.

- ⁠use of big data

- Sustainability, by reducing printed matter.

- Better prospect management.

- Better sales process.

- State-of-the-art corporate image.

- Incorporation of specialized sales tools according to the sector (catalogs, presentations, etc.)

- ⁠reduction of waste on forms that expire when modifying any information on the card.

- ⁠use of the cloud for data management.

- Availability of information at any point with internet access.

- ⁠increased networking between the Intermoda universe

1,803.80 MXN
price excl. sales tax excluding shipping cost excl. tax 1,555.00 MXN 54,114.00 MXN / 30 g