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Kartha Digital

Kartha Digital SmartCard with all features Sin Sensor NFC Sin Chip 540KB Acesso directo a Home Screen en Mobile phones or Desktop

1,223 MXN

Kartha Color

Impresión a 300 dpi tecnologia en sublimacion directa Logo o Imagen a color en 1 lado  Sensor NFC Codigo QR por el lado anverso  Chip 540KB Borde color blanco Sin bordes sin imprimir Bordes Negros Exclusivos Kartha black edge

1,421 MXN

    Why to Buy, a Kartha SmartCard?

    Prestige Awards Mexico

    Award for the best Software Development of the Year 2023/2024 by a specialized media in London UK, committing ourselves more and more to a world-class product.

    Ecologi - Kartha

    FOR OUR PLANET, together with the Ecologi foundation in the UK, we are generating climate solutions. We are part of the 20,117 companies that are taking climate measures worldwide.

    Digital SmartCard

    32 Social Networks, 1000 configurable fields, Led Generation, Loyalty Card, Call to Action Images, Video, PDF, direct links.

    Lead Generation

    Thanks to our technology, our SmartCard allows you to generate new contacts, these are organized in your private platform which you can make notes and export via Excel to use in any CRM  

    Triple QR Code High Profile

    Our SmartCard is displayed without Internet, without telephone network. It does not require any App to work, it contains a double QR Code to read your data to share. 

    Loyalty Card

      When you acquire your SmartCard we give you an advertisement for your business in Kartha Universe where you can do B2B with more Kartha Cardholders every week we include a new business.

    Encrypted Security

    We host your data on our platform on NVME SSD servers, 75,000 operations per second, PHP 8.0, 7.4 code processing, private VPN, we make 3 backups per day, 24/7 anti-hacking security configuration. 

    Business Chambers & TradeShows

    Kartha has achieved commercial agreements since 2022 for the benefit of our Cardholders, being the official SmartCard of CONCAMIN, CANIRAC Jalisco, AMPROFEC, Enlazadot Cadena Empresarial, Member of COPARMEX Jalisco, Chamber of Commerce of Guadalajara .

    Kartha its the official Smartcard of INTERMODA.


    Thanks to the hybrid technology between a physical printed card and a digital card, it allows you to show the professionalism of your business with something unique and customizable. The power of Networking is in your hands.

    Wireless NFC Technology

    Each physical SmartCard has an NFC sensor which wirelessly transmits information to any device with a sensor.

    First Generation CHIP

    Each card has an antenna inserted with a chip with the capacity to write 540Kb with a speed of milliseconds in sending data.

    Biodegrable o Metal SmartCard 

    We have two unique options Printed with natural inks, biodegradable material unique in Mexico. Laser Impact Metal Smartcard.

    Kartha Dashboard

    Exclusive platform for your digital card, you can change and personalize your contact information as many times as you need, its printed QR Code serves as a bridge to update. .

    Personal Data Trust Seal

    Distinction awarded by the MX Internet Association to websites that belong to companies, organizations, institutions and people identified and committed to generating trust online. Your data is taken care of as our own.

    Recognizing Geniuses

    We have 10 different templates with names of scientists who have made an impact on the world and the scientific community.

    Smart SmartCard Digital Presentation Card 

    Kartha NFC SmartCard the best way to present yourself in Mexico. You will have the power of Networking in your hands with the fastest NFC Near Field Communication technology on a card printed in color or laser engraved with your corporate image and your Smart Digital Card that you can share with a tap or via share Whats app or Air Drop to all your contacts.

    It does not require any app. Super Customizable One lifetime cost. All the changes you need, as many times as you require it. Exclusive customizable Double QR Code. 540Kb of Capacity to save what you need. Generation of Graphic Leads. Analytics & Digital Platform.

    ISO 9001:2015 Process Certification

    The ISO 9001 standard serves those companies that need to demonstrate their ability to offer services and products consistently and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements , in such a way that they satisfy the customer.

    It covers aspects of quality management management ; international in nature; provides organizations with guidance and tools to ensure compliance with legal and customer requirements. 

    Climate Partner Process Certification

    ClimatePartner certification affirms that a company has gone through the five steps of a climate action strategy. When consumers see the ClimatePartner certification label, they have confidence that the certified product or organization's emissions have been calculated, reduction targets have been set and implemented, and climate projects have been funded to contribute to global climate action.

    Premio Prestige Awards 2023/2024

    Winner in London of the Software Development of the Year Central America Award by Prestige Awards. The Prestige Awards celebrate small and medium-sized businesses made up of localized businesses and sole traders who excel in their market.

    Teinux- Kartha NFC SmartCard Joint-Venture digital card

    Leading training center in Latin America for those looking to improve their skills in digital marketing and agility. Our center offers a wide variety of courses, workshops and training programs designed to improve skills in achieving professional goals.